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A Brief History

The Cast of Stage Struck - or TCOSS as it's abbreviated to - was created in January 2015.

Why the change of name from Stage Struck?  Well we felt that we wanted a name that reflected the hard work that every single member of the cast was putting in - it really is a team effort.  And so "The Cast of Stage Struck" was born.  OK not a million miles away from before, just a subtle difference that said everything it needed to.

Since that first rehearsal back in January 2015 we've all been working hard:  our incredible choreographer who puts us through our paces on a weekly basis and somehow manages to make us all look like seasoned dancers; our wonderful "sewing bee" who work so hard on our costumes; the creative team behind the scenery design and posters; the sound and lighting technicians; and the team behind the administration.  And not forgetting those responsible for keeping us topped up with tea and biscuits. 

This is what we've been up to so far...

Show List

Putting on the Glitz - July 23

Christmas By Candlelight - Dec 22

In The Mood - May 22

Be Our Christmas Guest - Dec 21

Can You Imagine That! - Nov 19

Just Monkeying Around - May 19

A Swinging Christmas - Dec 18

Fun Fun Fun - May 18

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - Dec 17

Allsorts & Dolly Mixture - May 17

Sparkle Jolly Twinkle Jingley - Dec 16

The Express Train To Rio - May 16

With A Little Help From My Friends - Sept 15

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